Notice of Privacy Practices

Patient Rights.

You have the right to:
  • Get a copy of your paper or electronic medical record.
  • Correct your paper or electronic medical record.
  • File a complaint if you believe your privacy rights have been violated.
  • Ask us to limit the information we share about you.
  • Get a list of those with whom we’ve shared your information.
  • Get a copy of this Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Request that we use only confidential communication methods with you.
  • Choose someone to act on your behalf.

Patient Choices.

You have choices about how we use your information:
  • If we tell your family or friends about your conditions.
  • If we provide disaster relief services.
  • If we sell your information.
  • If we market our services.

Uses and Disclosure.

We may use your information when we conduct these activities:
  • Help with public health and safety issues.
  • Bill you or a third party for services.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Conduct research.
  • Respond to Lawsuits and Legal Actions.
  • Address law enforcement or other government requests.
  • Treat you.
  • Perform privacy reviews and audits.

Privacy Practices in Detail.

Additional Disclosures

The less common ways we use or share your health information include when we:
  • Report suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.
  • Report adverse medical reactions.
  • Assist with public health and safety issues.
  • Prevent or reduce a serious threat to anyone’s heath or safety.
  • Conduct research.
  • Prevent disease.
  • Support government functions such as military, national security, and presidential protective services.
  • Contribute to the public good or assist with public health and research.
  • Respond to workers’ compensation claims.
  • Support health oversight agencies’ activities as authorized by law.
  • Comply with state or federal laws.
  • Respond to law enforcement requests.
  • Assist with product recalls.
  • Respond to lawsuits and legal actions.
  • Respond to court or administrative agency orders or subpoenas.
  • Demonstrate to HHS we are compliant with federal privacy laws.
We must comply with several conditions in the law before we can share your information for these purposes. For more information, see:

Detailed Practice Responsibilities

The law requires us to maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information. This includes maintaining reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the unauthorized use or disclosure of your protected information. We will alert you promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information. Additionally, we will mitigate, to the extent practicable, any harmful effect we learn was caused by a breach of privacy. We must comply with the duties and privacy practices described in this notice, and we must offer you a copy of this document. We will not use or share your information, other than as described here, without your express written permission. If you authorize a use or disclosure of your information, you may revoke that authorization in writing at any time.
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